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Plasma donation.

Plasma-derived therapies are critical, life-saving medicines that many people with rare and complex diseases rely on. Global demand for plasma-derived products, mainly immunoglobulins, has increased dramatically in recent years.

Plasma Donation and BioLife Plasma Services
BioLife Plasma Services is Takeda’s global plasma collection network and an industry leader in the collection of high-quality plasma that is processed into life-saving plasma-based therapies that benefit thousands of people every day.

Learn more about plasma donation and how to help people who require life-saving plasma-based therapies by donating your plasma.

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We at U.S. Medical Affairs at Takeda share your passion for science, evidence-based medicine, and commitment to promoting better health and brighter futures for our patients through potentially innovative medicines.

Our goal is to be readily available to support clinicians and researchers in whatever way we can. We believe the best way to improve disease outcomes is through robust and open communication about the science and clinical evidence.

That’s why we love to hear from medical professionals—to hear your questions, to understand what you’re seeing in the clinic, and to discuss research.

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